Thursday, 15 November 2012

Our today

It seems like unstoppable juggernaut that killing everyone life without mercy.
This is full describing the future and olso what we gonna do in future ?

Hypothesis : yeah! our today have been tortured by the future ...

Experiment :

1. A guys struggling hard do almost everything job in the world for money to get married. 
2. Students too depressed about the final exam
3. A mom too worried about the baby in her tummy 
4. The PM does everything to maintain their power and win each elections every 4 years.
5. A dad worry about his child's future.

But..sometimes all the worries and all the depression make us more reliable more adventure and maybe more ready. 

I give an example, a guys gonna be marry in 2 years, what he gonna do ? just sit in kedai mamak having fun and laughing to someone ? no ! he should go out there find extra money by doing all possible work to get well preparation about his wedding ..

Yeah.. it's a life ..our life have been tortured by future in good ways.. It make us more mature and ready to face the real life out there .

Hypothesis is accepted ..!

wake up and get a life!!


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