Thursday, 1 November 2012


Recently, i worked in ***** and i could see the hierarchy there, who was on the top and who was at the bottom, you know what i mean right ? i divert into two level, level 1 who at the bottom and level 2 who was at the top league..


Aku classify level 1 ni as the majority people who work in lower position in certain company or what so ever.

what do you think ? guess who will fill the lower or maybe lowest position based on the scenario in Malaysia exclude bangla, nepal and etc etc etc ? haha! you know the answer olredi .. Melayu beb melayu..

guess again why they worked at the position ? no education for sure .. aku bukan nak menghina sesiapa .. this is reality. aku teringat satu rangkap lagu,
"dunia untuk orang bijak, pandai-2 hidup kalau tak nak kena pijak"

the question here is why they no education ? they are so young range between 19-23 y/o..its okay they took as the part-time job  in the sem break.. tapi yang aku nak highlight kat sini mereka yang give up dah tak nak belajar dan mengambil keputusan untuk bekerja sepenuh masa. hey ! sampai bila nak jadi kuli ? at the end of the day you still there as coolie. I know the power of Allah The Almighty can give u wealth in one sec. but Allah have said in al-Quran

r-Ra’ad (ayat 11): 
“Sesungguhnya Allah tidak akan merubah nasib suatu kaum melainkan kaum itu sendiri yang merubah nasibnya.

no efforts ? so ? we will always  at the level 1, no changes at all and still the same.

And at the top of league ? guess who again?

What yours ?

p/s: There's a lot of thing that we not satisfied with. Silap sikit ? "hey damn you ! work properly huh?" biasalah Malaysian, always pointing blame to others. hey ! mana ada orang perfect dalam dunia bai.


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