Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Murtad Movement

This is really serious current issues in Malaysia. They openly recruit new member who had murtad in Malaysia and Singapore to join their group in facebook named Murtad in Malaysia and Singapore (MMS). Actually they had another group before MMS, but the group had been delete by fb, so they come up with new group. There are many group that im not mention here.

According to fatwa issued by Majlis Fatwa Malaysia said that apostates in Malaysia as a national security threat and treason and in Malaysia itself forbidden muslim to change their religion. Here (Malaysia) is an islamic country.

Each muslim who had read this or know about the other group similar to this, I hope we can fight them with wise action, not to maki hamun them.

Mass Murder?? 
Mass Murder ? what ?? i feel sorry about them.. they had not enough knowledge about islam. 

O Allah brings them to your path~


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